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Your app works in the lab. But is it truly ready for your customers? Only Applause can tell. We deliver authentic, real-world feedback on the quality of your digital experiences. Through an enterprise-grade testing platform and our global uTest community of independent digital experts, with testing teams matched to your precise needs. Delivering aggregated results with the speed, scale and flexibility you expect. So you'll know for sure the quality is there. And you can release with confidence.

Enterprise-Class Digital Quality Feedback

Integrates Seamlessly into Your Workflow, with No Overhead

Today, Applause is the only partner that can provide brands like you with authentic, real-world insight on how your digital assets perform. Our disruptive approach to digital quality harnesses the power of our enterprise-grade testing platform and leverages the uTest Community of more than one million digital experts worldwide. Dovetailing seamlessly with your existing systems and processes, and introducing no overhead. Automatically delivering aggregated, immediately actionable feedback, in the language of your customers.

Digital Innovators Turn to Us

Digital-first brands like Google and Uber turn to Applause to help them deliver the highest quality digital assets and experiences. Your customers, along with the billions of digital consumers around the world, use multiple apps and products tested by us, every single day.

The Value of Applause Is Clear

Only Applause executes with the speed, scale and flexibility you require and expect – rapidly standing up detailed testing programs that deliver authentic, impactful, actionable results. That’s why we’re a testing best practice for digital innovators across the globe, and an integral part of modern SDLCs in every industry.

Discussing the State of Digital Quality in 2023

This year’s State of Digital Quality report provides a snapshot of the most common flaws, coverage, and testing challenges and introduces a series of frameworks gleaned from Applause’s years of experience working with global technology leaders and innovators. Join our panel to learn what sets these organizations apart when it comes to creating excellence in digital experiences.
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uTest – The World’s Largest Community of Independent Digital Experts

Available On-Demand and Across the Globe, When You Need Them

We leverage the world’s largest, most diverse community of independent digital experts to form highly skilled, specialized testing teams for fast, authentic results. Spanning 200 countries and territories, and every device/OS combination imaginable, testers deliver aggregated, authentic feedback and insights into how your products and digital assets work in real-world conditions.